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Place Agency

Place Agency presents a series of conversations with 6 prominent Architectural practitioners and academics in Australia and the UK, considering the intersection between design, social value and the power of social connection.
Each episode presents a pair of conversation partners examining design’s capacity to elevate one of three themes; Social, Trust and Diversity.
The first three Social episodes comprise a CPD product for the Australian Institute of Architects, so be sure to check the AIA platform to answer your CPD questions after listening to have your points recorded
It has long been understood that the way we design and organize our living environments can help or hinder social connection. We know that at worst failed approaches can build in isolation- with long term damage to quality of life including physical and mental health outcomes. HOW we build refers not only to the built structure as an outcome, but also the process through which we arrive at that structure. The series highlights the importance of our agency in this through design’s capacity to be both a noun (an outcome) and a verb (a process).

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