Sustainable Know How


‘Sustainable Know How’, a consultancy and community education initiative established by Dr Angelique Edmonds, partnered with councils (including City of Sydney) to facilitate behaviour change. It supported residents in making sustainable retrofits to their homes in order to live more sustainably.

Project partners
Randwick City Council
City of Sydney
Home Ideas Centre

Engaging directly with homeowners generated a sense of ownership and control regarding sustainable practices within their homes. The methods demonstrated in this project are consistent with our approach at the School for Creating Change, in celebrating the agency of every citizen and enabling their capacity to create the change they wish to see in their life.


About the project

Angelique designed and produced six guides for retrofitting houses sustainably, and local councils in Sydney contracted her to deliver public seminars based on the guides in sustainability education programs.

The guides were designed to instill confidence in residents that they were able to do tasks successfully themselves, while also serving as a public education exercise about sustainability.

Homeowners were engaged in the process through a series of presentations and demonstrations in conjunction with product suppliers.

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Other material published on this project

2010: ‘Resilience & Engagement: some thoughts on the Magnetic impact of small change’ for Cities Nature Justice, UTS Transforming Cultures Vol 5 No.1 June 2010. Available