Get Involved

The School for Creating Change helps people get involved in creating the change they want to see in the world. This isn’t something we do on our own, all of us benefit from the input of a diverse range of contributors. Unlike the traditional model of school where there is just one teacher, at the School for Creating Change we believe peer to peer learning is a vital pathway in the learning and discovery process.

We aim to foster a community of support for changemakers, so we’re keen to hear from you about your projects, ideas for change and sharing insights from which we can all learn. If you’d like to get involved join the Creating Change community by signing up to the right of this page.

After that, there are a handful of ways to join the discussion (and these will expand as the School grows):

championsChange Champions
We welcome proposals for opinion pieces from a wide range of contributors. These are short, speculative, sometimes provocative pieces aimed at raising issues, and getting us all thinking.


Other treasure

If you know of good links and resources missing from our library please let us know.



News & Events

Do you have an event you would like posted on the site/our facebook page? Get in touch with the details.




Join the conversation via the comments facility on the site – you need to sign up to be able to comment. Please do observe  our school’s etiquette and keep  your contributions to the point.


latestGet the Latest

For us to keep you abreast of the latest developments at the school subscribe to our mailing list on the right sidebar of this page.


Please contact us if you would like to submit a change champions piece or participate in other ways.
We encourage everyone to participate in the discussion. However, in our school we do ask that you observe certain protocols and niceties.
We encourage robust, open discussion, but this should focus on the content and ideas at stake. Negative personal comment on individuals is not appropriate and will not be published on this site.
Change Champions
Opinion pieces should be well written in a lively and engaging manner, without jargon. They should be intelligently conceived and accessible to a wide audience. We welcome a wide range of approaches and topics, but all should in some way address the process of awakening to our agency, capacity and questions/issues revealed by pursuing change. Please contact us with a brief proposal in the first instance.
Submission details
Submitted texts need to be well-written, with few (if any) errors, as we have limited resources for editing texts. Please take time to polish your work and to check for typos and other mistakes prior to sending it in.
Please supply images to accompany texts as appropriate. These should include captions and credits and should have been cleared for copyright.
Please also include a short biography.
Please email submissions to us here