Our Approach

The School

The School for Creating Change helps people get involved in creating the change they want to see in the world.

We’re passionate about enabling people to discover how they can be agents of change. We have been inspired by the changemakers we’ve met who dream for change, and other people who have great ideas and are curious about their capabilities as a changemaker, but don’t feel they have the tools nor the connections to make it happen.

We offer consultancy services, programs and short courses to build your changemaker ‘muscle’ and in the process introduce you to a whole lot of other changemakers who can become your community of support.

There is a growing need for progressive answers to the enormous challenges facing our world today, from climate and resource crises, to growing financial and cultural inequality in society.These challenges aren’t occurring in isolation. We are facing them simultaneously, in a case of deep, sustained and pervasive system crisis.

If we are to master the process of adaption this system crisis demands, there is a need for courage, social innovation and entrepreneurial force never seen before in history

We have an unprecedented opportunity to be part of the change, to contribute in the areas we are most passionate about.

Our school supports the people who dream for change, who question the way things have always been done, and who have ideas about creating new ways to make a difference in our world.

Our approach has been refined over ten years of involvement in change projects, and over a decade of experience teaching design at a tertiary level. Read more about some of these recent projects by clicking on the images to right of this page.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you to create change.

Founder & Creative Director

Dr Angelique Edmonds


 Dr Angelique Edmonds

Angelique Edmonds has a passion for design education and engaging communities in the decisions which impact upon their everyday lives. Trained as an architect, she has worked with Indigenous communities in Arnhem Land in Australia’s remote north, and established design advocacy projects with CALD women in Sydney’s South West and with Youth at risk of homelessness in South Australia (SA).

As a former board member of SA Council for the Care of Children and Engagement Leader of 5000+, an Integrated Design Strategy for inner Adelaide, she led a collaborative forum of 400 South Australians considering child and youth friendly approaches to citymaking in SA.

She is a member of the Office for Design and Architecture South Australia’s (ODASA) Design Review Panel and a former SA Chapter Councillor and National Sustainability committee member of the Australian Institute of Architects. She was also previously a member of the National Steering Group for ANDI (Australia’s National Development Index) focusing on Australia’s wellbeing.

Angelique has completed a PhD, M.Phil and degrees in Architecture in Australia and the UK, has taught in 4 different Australian universities, and is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia.

The following outline of projects demonstrate the genealogy of the approach used by the School for creating change, and give you a sense of how it has developed over time through testing and learning in action on real projects.

1.   Indigenous Planning in Arnhem Land
2.  Advocacy for Social Sustainability
3.   5000+ Green City Forum
4.   Engagement Leader 5000+
5.   Child & Youth Friendly Cities (CYFC) 5000+
       Spaceshaper in Schools
       Spaceshaper at Gibson Reserve
6.    Youth at Risk + Design Agency
7.    Tonsley Forecast value proposition
8.   Tonsley/SIB engaging with schools
9.   AIA: Take your Place
10.  Sustainable Know How
11.  CHAA: Maternity facility Design
12.  The Plan Radio show

Recent Projects

Click on an image below to see the full details of that project.

participatory planning with aboriginal residents in arnhem land2greencityforum4CYFC-forum_5000plusIneedaplace9Tonsley_logo8sustainableknowhowmotherbaby12