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A City for Whoo

Walking Tour / Workshop

A City for Whoo is proud to be part of the Come out Children’s Festival in 2015.come-out-2015-logo

City for whoo is an experiential urban walking trail to explore and discover how city spaces are created, for whom, by whom and how we all share in their ongoing reinvention and use.

Whilst walking on a curated trail through the city, participants enjoy carefully crafted place based activities and hear from a range of city users sharing personal narratives of their relationship with, and use of, the city. Embracing the city as an extended classroom, and interacting with places and city users on the ground, face to face, allows experiential learning to unfold through discovery, exploration and interaction in contexts that bring insights alive in fun and memorable ways.

Following the urban walking tour, a classroom based creative workshop provides a fun opportunity to further activate and extend participants understanding of how urban places are designed, and how design connects diverse groups of people. Activities in the workshop reflect actively upon the experiences encountered during the walking trail to explore the question of ‘who is the city for?’

A City for Whoo builds on previous School for Creating Change projects, working with children to consider the urban form of the city. This previous work is described by the following videos.

Shaping Space by Engagement from Office for Design + Architecture on Vimeo. Spaceshaper in Schools from Office for Design + Architecture on Vimeo.
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